Affordable calls anywhere in the world - even offline.

The 42app

With the 42app, you can easily stay in touch with people you care about at all times from wherever you are in the world. Take advantage of our low rates to destinations across the world and benefit from significant savings. Why not save money with us?

1. Download the app for your Android Smartphone or iPhone.

2. Receive the activation PIN via text message OR register for free on the website to receive an activation link via e-mail.

3. Call a domestic or international cellphone or land line number directly from your phone's address book. The app connects your calls with the lowest price and best quality within seconds.

Safe payment ...

The 42app can be used on any cellphone.

Regardless of whether you are making domestic or overseas calls, the smart app will find the best price and quality connection for you. Save up to 80 % on calls.

Outstanding call quality and secure communications (128 bit encryption for calls between app users) turn every call into a delightful experience.

No wifi connection? Use your local SIM Card! The 42app selects a regional dial-in number to establish the connection. Bad data connections no longer have an impact on your calls.

You can equip your customized APP with the following features:

Offline CallThrough
Offline Callback
Voice Encryption
Map Localization
PIN Transfer
In App Purchase for Android and Apple
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The 42smart Website

The 42smart website helps you to reach your online community. Utilize this compact website package to launch special offers and present your telecommunication products your way. Combining the 42smart website with the 42app is the ideal way to satisfy your customers needs.

Wordpress based website
100% customizable
Easy sign up for customers
Customer Login: overview of all account details
Balance top up with integrated payment options
Payment Provider API ( PayPal, sofort banking etc.)
Options to create and advertize diverse telephony products
more ...


Description 42smart Website 42app
Registration with mobile number and verification via SMS (PIN for login)
Automated phone call verification if PIN is not received via SMS
Login / Logout
Balance Load Up
- with PIN-Transfer
- with payment provider
- with Google / Apple Account
- CDRs
- Invoices
- Account balance
- Account data
Integrated telephony services
- Callthrough
- Offline-Callthrough
- Callback
- Offline-Callback
- VoIP-Telephony (SIP)
Dynamic Dial- In selection feature (Callthrough)
Saving additonal CLI (automated recognition)
- one CLI
- multiple CLI’s
Editing Userdata
Display of Pricelist
- display minute price after entry of destination number
- complete pricelist
phone book access
(online load up)

(by smartphone)
Contact form
Display of contact pictures